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Nearshore Mexico Sourcing bridges the gap for businesses looking to move manufacturing to Mexico
Looking for a manufacturer closer to home? Let us simplify the process. At Nearshore Mexico Sourcing, we provide OEMS and distributors in North America with sourcing services in Mexico and Latin America. Unlike many of our competitors, Nearshore Mexico Sourcing is based in Mexico and has the unique advantage of an extensive local network of reliable, cost-effective suppliers.

As part of our factory-to-warehouse services, our team of seasoned souring specialists will identify qualified Mexican manufacturers, conduct supplier vetting, negotiate pricing, and administer factory audits and quality control inspections. We offer quality service and speedy lead times at affordable prices to improve your bottom line.
After supporting countless clients through transfers from offshoring to nearshoring around the world, our team has developed a broad understanding of the challenges and pitfalls surrounding a transfer project from China to Mexico, the US/Canada to Mexico, or Europe to Mexico.

At Nearshore Mexico Sourcing, we begin the process by conducting a thorough evaluation of your project and providing a feasibility assessment in terms of cost, quality, logistics, and timing. Contact us today to begin the process of developing a supplier in Mexico.
Why Nearshore in Mexico?
Businesses all over North America are moving their manufacturing operations to Mexico and other countries in Latin America from faraway countries like China at a rapid rate. In today’s volatile global economy, there are many benefits to nearshoring in Mexico vs offshoring elsewhere. Developing a supplier in Mexico enables your business to:
Cut costs and enhance speed to market
Gain oversight and improve quality control
Improve communication due to similar time zones
Increase control of supply chain and intellectual property
Visit the manufacturing site more frequently
Working with a Mexico sourcing agent makes the transition to nearshoring a breeze, from supplier selection to routine factory audits. With our team at Nearshore Mexico Sourcing, you can get boots on the ground to bridge the gap and manage daily operations without having to leave the office. Never worry about language barriers or supply chain issues again—we have you covered.
Nearshore Mexico Sourcing customers report:
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Product Development
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