Lower Risk in a
Fast-Changing World

Each day more businesses are making the switch from offshoring to nearshoring and buying products from Mexico. Stay competitive by partnering with the top sourcing specialists at Nearshore Mexico Sourcing for all of your sourcing needs.

By acting as your boots on the ground, our team will eliminate the possibility of common business failures that often arise due to cultural differences, language barriers, and a lack of understanding around Latin America’s business environment.

Nearshore Mexico Sourcing has longstanding experience in the following commodities:
Wood products and
Woven and Non-Woven
Leather and PU
Metal Forging and
Metal Stamping, Bending,
Welding, Coating, Painting,
E-Coating, and Zinc Plating
Plastics: Blow and Injection
Molding, Sheet Extrusion,
and Thermoforming
Corrugated and Foam
Electro-Mechanical and
Electronic Assemblies