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Since 2015, Nearshore Mexico Sourcing has provided businesses throughout the United States and Canada with reliable manufacturing partners for their products.
As Mexico sourcing agents, our expertise lies in sourcing, engineering, quality control, manufacturing, and operations. With 80+ years of combined experience and associates based in 5 cities across Mexico, we are one of Mexico’s leading sourcing providers for American and Canadian OEMs, business owners, and distributors.

At Nearshore Mexico Sourcing, we offer our clients a broad range of services to cover all of their manufacturing needs, from supplier selection to pricing negotiations. Among the many services we offer.
What we do
Actively engage with you on commercial, technical, and quality levels to thoroughly understand your needs.
Use expert sourcing acumen to locate the most effective sourcing solution for your unique needs.
Survey your suppliers’ business, engineering, quality, and service capabilities.
Drive pricing negotiations, supplier selection, pilot runs, and quality control based on your terms.
Serve as a remote resource on your behalf providing consulting services and advisory support to avoid logistical, legal, and fiscal roadblocks.