Large Portions of offshore manufacturing may soon be returning Back to blog

Large Portions of offshore manufacturing may soon be returning

August 2, 2023

A study from Nearshore Mexico Sourcing, shows that large portions of offshored manufacturing may soon be returning thanks to companies combining their nearshoring production to Mexico, Central America, and even Canada, with manufacturing and assembly in the United States.

A unique barometer for tracking the extent to which America is reshoring manufacturing back from low-cost countries, US imports of manufacturing goods from the tracked countries totaled 14.49 percent of US domestic gross manufacturing output, up from 12.95 percent in 2020.

Instead of simply reshoring every manufacturing facility to the USA, Nearshore Mexico Sourcing takes a look at “nearshoring” manufacturing, where certain aspects of manufacturing are set up closer to the US.

Redefined, reshoring is likely to catch on faster in some industries than it does in others. “We are seeing a significantly increased focus from apparel, furniture, footwear, home decoration, appliances and automotive companies on finding reshoring and nearshoring opportunities as a way to both mitigate supply chain disruptions and increase sustainability."


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